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At Desert Cities Allergy & Otolaryngology, we provide dependable allergy testing and treatment for a variety of allergy types. Please complete a copy of our Allergy Testing Consent form to bring with you on your visit to either of our convenient locations in Rancho Mirage or La Quinta.


Living with allergies doesn't have to be a major inconvenience with preparation and treatment for your specific allergy condition and symptoms. We can help you get your focus back on your life, where it needs to be and not on your allergies.

Reliable Allergy Testing and Treatment

Desert Cities Allergy & Otolaryngology offers a large number of treatment options for various problems including conditions of the ear, nose and sinus or throat, sleep conditions, head and neck issues and balloon sinuplasty.


We care for your health and look forward to seeing you. Contact us at 760-346-1788 (Rancho Mirage) or 760-260-8589 (La Quinta) today and let us know how we can help you!

Environmental Allergy Testing Can Identify Allergies Related To:

  • Horse

  • Weeds

  • 3 different Grasses

  • Trees

  • Molds

Other Services Available from Desert Cities Allergy & Otolaryngology

We provide you with the attention you deserve.

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Allergy Testing
  • Cockroach

  • Dust Mite

  • Cat

  • Dog